Blue Bossa Backing Track

Here's a Bossa Nova style backing track for classic latin tune Blue Bossa in C minor....

High Quality 10-minute version can be downloaded here:

(Basic) chord progression:

II Cm7   I  Cm7  I  Fm7  I  Fm7   I
I  Dm7b5  I G7  I  Cm     I  Cm    I
I  Ebm7    I Ab7   I Dbmaj7  I Dbmaj7  I
II Dm7b5   I G7    I    Cm    I  Dm7b5 G7 II

On a BASIC level the notes in these 3 scales will cover all chords in this progression:

C Minor Scale (Aeolian) - C D Eb F G Ab Bb (C ) (Cm, Fm, Dm7b5)

C Harmonic Minor Scale - C D Eb F G Ab B (C) (G7 chords)

Db Major Scale - Db Eb F Gb Ab Bb C (Db) (II-V-I into Db, the 3rd line)