Jazz Blues Backing Track in Bb - Medium Swing

Here's a head boppin' medium swing 12-bar jazz blues backing track (Bb) 

Download 10-minute high quality version HERE

Chord Progression: 

II: Bb7 I Eb7 I Bb7 I Fm7 Bb7 I 
I Eb7 I Edim7 I Bb7 I G7#5 I
I Cm7 I F7 I Bb7 G7#5 I Cm7 F7 :II

On the track, you will hear extensions and alterations of the basic chords - as is common in jazz.... :) 

Tempo = 100BPM

Feel ready for a FAST jazz blues in Bb? 

Check out this swinging jazz blues jam track at 200BPM 

And... HERE are a few jazz licks you may find useful for playing on the turnaround... 

Enjoy :)

Smooth Blues Groove Backing Track (A Minor)

Here's a medium tempo blues groove jam track, great for getting down with some dirty blues guitar soloing! 

Epic vibes ahead - with added wah wah for extra sexy flavours... 

Chord Sequence: Am - D7 - Fmaj7 - E7 

In terms of scales, you could use:

* A Minor Pentatonic Scale: A C D E G (A)

* A Dorian Mode: A B C D E F# G (A) - Am & D7 chords

* A Minor Scale (Aeolian Mode): A B C D E F G (A) - Am & Fmaj7 chords

* A Harmonic Minor Scale: A B C D E F G# (A) - E7 chord

Lots more jam tracks at http://www.quistorama.com/jamtracks


G Phrygian Mode Groove Backing Track

This G Phrygian Mode Jam Track continues the series of modes all starting from G. 

From the modal practice album Groovin' Through The Modes, vol. 4

G Phrygian Mode: G Ab Bb C D Eb F (G)

You can also use: G Minor Pentatonic / G Minor Blues Scale

Chord progression: II: Gm Ab I Gm I Gm Abmaj7 I Gm :II

Enjoy :)