Pink Floyd Style Backing Track

Here's a Pink Floyd style jam track for you all to have fun playing on!

Track starts at 1:30. Chords shown in real-time.

Chord progressions:


Gm7 - C7

Eb - D

Bm - A - G Em - Bm

Scale suggestions:

G minor pentatonic scale - G Bb C D F (G)

G dorian mode - G A Bb C D E F (G)

(Gm / Gm7 - C7 sections and Eb chords)

G minor scale - G A Bb C D Eb F (G)

(Eb chords)

G harmonic minor scale - G A Bb C D Eb F# (G)

(D chords)


B minor pentatonic scale - B D E F# A (B)

B minor scale - B C# D E F# G A (B)

(Final section in B minor)



Phrygian Mode Groove Backing Track

This phrygian mode jam track continues our series of all the major modes starting from A!

Previous modes starting from A:

A Ionian Mode (major scale)

A Dorian Mode

Chord progression:

II:    Am    I    Am7 Bbmaj7/A   :II

A Phrygian Mode: A Bb C D E F G (A)

A Minor Pentatonic / A Minor Blues Scale also sound great on this :)

More Phrygian Mode jam tracks to play with HERE

And a playlist of phrygian mode licks HERE

Have fun!

Blues Guitar Lick (A Dorian)

Here is Nugget #18 - a tasty A Dorian Blues Lick!

A Dorian Mode: A B C D E F# G (A)

A Minor Blues Scale: A C D D# E G (A)

Practice tips:

You can play this lick using just your (right hand) fingers - or if you are using a pick you could "hybrid pick" it, meaning when two notes are played simultaneously you use the pick for the lower note and your right hand middle or ring finger to pick the higher note.

Make sure to practise it nice and slow at first. Try to always practise IN TIME. If you can tap your foot while you're playing - and not necessarily looking as silly as I do - you're definitely onto a good thing :)

Make sure the hammer-ons are nice and strong. And finally..choose a good fingering (see mine for ideas) and then stick with it as you build up the speed.....

You can try out the lick on these Jam Tracks:

A Dorian Jam Track #1

A Dorian Jam Track #2

A Minor Blues Jam Track

Have fun!